Bobby Pin Storage – From a Box O’Powder

Welcome back! Ok, I should really be saying that to myself – it’s been a busy few months and several other things had to take a priority over the blog. But, today I’m back!

I really enjoy the challenge of trying to figure out how to reuse things, especially when it’s a nice container (I’m a sucker for a nice container!). Benefit cosmetics’ box o’powder fits right into this; it’s cute, good quality, and there just has to be another way to use it! Well, I think I’ve discovered a pretty neat reuse, that also solves a problem I have.

Stacked Boxes

Now, one problem I always have when I travel is that my hair accessories, typically a hair tie or two, bobby pins, and spin pins, always get lost in my toiletry bag. This little box will be a perfect solution. Just some quick decoration with washi tape and I’m ready for my next trip. Now, full disclosure, I did get this idea from Pinterest (one of the reasons I love Pinterest) but it was just a picture with no link.


  • Powder box or compact (empty and cleaned)
  • Washi tape
  • Craft knife or scissors
  • Permanent Marker

Since I’ve used all the blush in this box/compact it’s a little beat up. Plus, I wanted to cover up the logo, so I could add my own label.

Box O Powder

Empty Box






After cleaning out the box, choose a tape for covering the top of the box. I chose a dark blue pattern to provide the best coverage.

Choosing Washi Tape

Line up the tape across the top and use the craft knife to cut a nice straight line. Repeat until entire top (and sides if you choose) is covered
Cutting tape
Powder Box with washi tape

Using a piece a contrasting tape, write a label and add it to the top of the box
Powder Box hair pin storage

Done! Now we’ll never have to worry about losing our bobby pins or hair ties on a trip.
Hair Pins

Side by Side Boxes
What else could I store in these cute little boxes? Any ideas?

(oh, and I got no endorsements or anything from Benefit. I just really love their blush) Closed boxes

3 thoughts on “Bobby Pin Storage – From a Box O’Powder

  1. I am also a sucker for a good container! I have a box in my ‘hoarding closet’ full of empty boxes. Crazy. 🙂 Do you like those spiral bobby pins? Magoo loves them but I haven’t tried them yet.

    • I have a cabinet full of containers (and picture frames) too! Spin pins have changed my life, they are super easy to use and keep my hair really secure all day. I wish I had them when I was doing ballet!

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