Christmas Update – Are You Ready?


Yes, the star is supposed to be crooked. The top branch hangs a sharp left. So, we named our tree “Ol’ Crooked Top”

I think I’ve done it! I’ve managed to de-stress our Christmas preparations as much as possible. Oh wait…. while I de-stressed Christmas we also decided to start our kitchen remodel (more on that soon).

However, we would never have been able to really start our big remodel project if it weren’t for me taking the Christmas Pledge.
I pledged to be done preparing for Christmas by December 8th. Really, I did a couple things on December 9th, but who’s counting! Ok, yes I was counting and all of you were counting but what’s a day between friends? (maybe I’m not as de-stressed as I thought…)

For me, getting the shopping done in the hardest part. Using a gift list, both on my phone and a printed Christmas shopping list made sure I have the information I needed to quickly pick up gifts as it was convenient. Before that, I had also been keeping a list of gift ideas throughout the year. A big help was also sitting down with The Boyfriend and having a gift brainstorming session while looking through catalogs and some websites. Finally, playing Christmas music (and dancing on chairs while hanging garland) while doing all this makes it all a lot more fun!

So, what have I finished?

  • Gifts purchased
  • Gifts wrapped, with a couple of exceptions

    Wrapping Station

    This (messy) wrapping station really helped me bang out all the wrapping.

  • Gifts mailed
  • Inside decorated
  • Outside decorated (The Boyfriend completely gets credit for this one)

    Trailer Lights

    Even the tent trailer gets lights!

  • Bought, put up, & decorated tree (we named it “Ol’ Crooked Top”)

What’s left?

  • A few gifts to wrap
  • Cookies to bake
  • Kitchen to tear out! (hopefully after the cookies are done)

How are you doing on your Christmas preparations? Have you found any ways to de-stress your holiday?

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