Cleaning Make-Up Brushes

Along with cleaning out my brush, cleaning make-up brushes is one thing I should probably be doing more often. It’s a simple process, and doesn’t take very long (when I remember to do it!)
All Clean

Below is the process I use, it’s pretty simple and my brushes seem to be holding up really well.

Wet brush with warm water Dirty Brush

Using a mild soap (hand soap, baby shampoo, or mild shampoo) squirt a small amount onto fingers and gently rub into brush bristles.
Adding Soap

On a side note, I stay away from antibacterial soap. There’s little evidence that it does cleans & disinfects any better than regular soap and water, plus the antibacterial chemicals have potential negative health effects (I studied this in grad school, so it’s a personal cause of mine!)
Scrubbing Rinse, keeping brush pointed downward to avoid build-up of water behind the bristles.
Blush Brush

Pat dry reform brush into it’s proper shape.
Clean Brush Let sit on a clean towel until completely dry.
Pat Dry

I try to do this once every two weeks, but I would really recommend doing it every week.
Towel Dry Lets get cleaning!

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