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I have the wonderful luxury of having a entire room dedicated to craftiness. This room is a new concept for me. Up until I moved into my house 1.5 years ago I always lived in small apartments, which definitely did not come with a craft room. The way I store and organize my craft supplies now is how I did it back then. Now I can just leave things a mess and close it behind a door! For the record, my craft room is never as tidy as it is in these pictures!


Boxes for different types of craft supplies – These let you pull out exactly what you need for a project without having to get EVERYTHING out. Also lets you tidy up a bit when you leave a project out, just by closing the boxes. I also chose green boxes over clear plastic ones so it looked nicer to have them out on a shelf or table. Plus I think that seeing what’s inside clear boxes just further clutters the room. IMG_1697 IMG_1698

Low profile drawers for storing larger things and active projects – I fit these drawers under my dining room table for a time (they also worked as an extra chair and side table). I saved the top drawer for an active project that I needed to temporarily put away. IMG_1722

Binders to gather supplies – I’m storing more and more things in Evernote and on my computer, but I’ve still got some paper manuals and ideas I’ve pulled out of magazines. Individual binders for separate topics helps me to actually find them again. IMG_1720

Wall shelves to use verticle space – In my apartments, I hung these shelves high along the ceiling to utilize space above tables, couches, etc. I never had room for a bookshelf or something to go on the floor. IMG_1715

Folding fabric cutting board – For making curtains in one small apartment, I went outside and layed this in my front yard to get enough space to cut my fabric. In a small space, most of us don’t have a large flat surface for cutting fabric, including maybe not even enough floor space. Sometimes, you need to think outside the box (or apartment). IMG_1687

Dry erase & bulletin boards – for capturing ideas and hanging instructions to keep the workspace clutter free. IMG_1731

Large flat workspace – Nice for crafts with large pieces. Wrapping presents is great here too IMG_1714

High workspace – Sometimes I like to work while standing. The butcher block top is also nice because I can pretty much destroy it and it holds up well. IMG_1700

Ribbon storage – I have a closet, so I’m trying to take advantage of it by hanging some supplies. This pants hanger allows easy access to the ribbon, and they’re easy to change too. IMG_1725

Gift wrap storage – I found this great wrapping paper storage from the container store. I try to keep two neutral papers (good for birthdays, baby gifts, and other events) and a couple Christmas papers. IMG_1726

Glass jars for small stuff – I use these vases (dollar store!) to hold things I get into frequently but are also colorful to add a little style to the room. Paintbrushes are tall, and a pain to store any other way. IMG_1717

Rails – keeps tools and frequently used materials close at hand but off the work space. I got these at Ikea. IMG_1712 IMG_1711

Closet- I could probably do a better job of using this closet space more efficiently, but putting a cheap bookcase in there was a quick and easy was to improve usable storage space. The closet gives me a space to store all of my awkward things that can’t fit nicely into boxes and totes. IMG_1708 IMG_1677

My lapel pin collection – I’ve been collecting lapel pins from my travels since I was in elementary school. To both display them and keep them organized, I’ve just tacked a ribbon to the wall and spaced out the pins along the ribbon. What I love about it is that it takes up almost no room and is a good reminder of all my vacations! IMG_1683

Fun Colors & Style – The color combination of light blue, green and black was actually inspired by a chair I have (which is no longer in the room). I wanted bright, fun colors since this is a creative space.  I also hung some more personal items (like diplomas) that I don’t necessarily want displayed in other parts of the house. It’s still evolving, but it’s great to have a room just for creativity! IMG_1703

Hey look, my craft room was also featured on Unclutterer as the “Workspace of the Week“!

How do you store your craft supplies?

8 thoughts on “Craft Supply Organization

  1. As usual, even your craft room is color coordinated! It looks like a great, creative workspace Sarah. The pants hanger you use for ribbon is especially creative. I noticed your pin collection has expanded to a 2nd ribbon – isn’t it fun to travel?

  2. Thanks mom! Yes, my pin collection is looking quite nice. I know I have one in there from way back when we went to Disneyland when I was in elementary school. I coordinated the colors to go with Gram’s floral chair, which looked pretty cool when it was actually still in the room!

  3. Wow, Sarah!
    Your craft room is so organized and inspiring!
    Beautifully organized and photograped.
    I love that your blog is about blog about organizing, creativity and how the two intersect…when so many people believe the stereotype that artists and creative people are not organized.

    So nice to meet you through BYW 2.0.
    All the best,

  4. Wow! What an incredible craft room! So much to love here!! <3 Craft rooms can be such a challenge to organize and keep tidy, but you absolutely knocked it out of the park! And that ribbon storage is simply genius!


    • Thanks Jen! Having each type of thing in a different box/jar makes it easy to just pull out what I need (and limits the craft disaster area). Thanks so much for stopping by!

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