Dog Paperwork Organization

2014 started off with a very exciting event, The Boyfriend and I adopted a puppy on New Years Day! Her name is Hailey’s Comet (we just call her Hailey, and yes we know it’s spelled wrong!) and she was brought into our local animal shelter as a stray. We don’t know exactly what she is a mix of, but German Shepard, Beagle, Terrier, Doberman, and Rotweiller have all been suggested. She’s already almost six months old, and weighs 27 pounds. As with any new puppy, it’s been both exciting and exhausting!

Haileys Comet

Of course, with a new dog comes a bunch of stuff. A crate, beds, toys, treats, and paperwork. I wanted to organize the dog’s paperwork in a way that kept it together but also portable, in case we need to take anything to the vet, doggy day care, etc.

Look at that face! Her eyebrows are fantastic. Hailey Close Up

Our vet gave us a nice expanding file folder full of coupons. I thought I could repurpose it and use it for all of Hailey’s important info.
Dog Paperwork Folder 2

Using my Silhouette Cameo, I made a label for the front. I also picked up an “in case of emergency” sticker from the vet. We show everyone who might take care of the puppy this folder, so they know who to call if something happens (paranoid pet parent? Yes!).

The sections are labeled:

  • Vet – vet bills and records of visit.
  • Meds – any medication she might be on, plus the last date of her flea medication
  • Insurance – we received a free month of insurance, and actually had a claim! We’re not sure if we’ll continue it or not.
  • License – county dog license and chip information
  • Caretakers – dog walker and doggy day care information and bills
  • Adoption – her original adoption paperwork

Folder Tabs
This was a simple project that really helped us get a handle on all of Hailey’s paperwork.  We feel so lucky to have such a great little pup in our lives, she’s a super curious, brave and creative little thing and we can’t wait to see her grow!

Clearly, she’s made herself at home. This was about an hour after we adopted her 🙂
Hailey with Toys

Yes, this post is really more about showing off Hailey’s cuteness…. but the folder really was a good project! I’m interested to know, how do you organize your puppy’s paperwork?
Hailey Sitting

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  1. People camp with pups and dogs ALL the time. Is there anyone who has camped with a rabbit? Our 20 year old has a dwarf bunny and feels uncomfortable leaving him for several days with just having someone coming in once or twice a day. However, there are so many dogs where we camp as well as, coons and chipmunks that we really hesitate to take the bunny. Anyone ever camped with one before or have any ideas?

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