Comfort Gift Bag For a Hospital Stay

Being in the hospital sucks. Besides the fact that you’re some combination of sick and hurt, you’re also a patient stuck in a sterile, boring place. Instead of bringing food (not sure of diet restrictions or nausea) or flowers (everyone brings flowers!) to a loved one, I prefer to bring a goody bag of things to help them through their visit. Recently, a very lovely woman had a hospital stay, and I wanted to bring her a few things to make her a bit more comfortable. Here’s a list of what I brought her… hospital gift bag
  • chapstick
  • lotion
  • face wipes
  • wisps (little toothbrush things)
  • expanding file folder (for all her doctors notes and paperwork)
  • puzzle book
  • notepad
  • pen
  • deck of cards
  • pretty tote bag
Depending on who the bag is for and what they’re in the hospital for, other things could include:
  • warm, slip resistant socks or slippers
  • bathrobe
  • breath mints or lifesavers
  • favorite healthy foods – if diet allows
  • book
  • magazines
  • pictures of family, or electronic frame with pics
  • phone list of family numbers
  • movies / DVD player
This is a simple idea that can make a world of difference for someone in the hospital. Any other ideas?
What would make your hospital stay a little better?


4 thoughts on “Comfort Gift Bag For a Hospital Stay

  1. Cards are a great idea. Anything to pass the time with someone who spends a ton of hours bedside sounds nice.

  2. Having just been in the hospital myself, I would have to say your list is pretty good! Chapstick was a necessity, esp cause I couldn’t have water before surgery. The warm, nonslip socks were great – my sister brought me those and I didn’t even ask for them! I would also say a toothbrush and your fav toothpaste – it’s such a little thing, but it felt so good to finally brush my teeth after a day or two! Cell phone charger too, esp if it is an emergency – that way they can keep in touch with everyone they need to!
    Oh, and I think flowers are great – I didn’t get any when I was actually in the hospital. They would have been a welcome treat in my boring room.

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