How to Clean a Hairbrush


After cleaning. Shiny and new!

Like most people with longer hair, I shed a LOT. This results in clogged up hair brushes, drains and messy floors. Drains are too gross to post pictures, and floors are easy to sweep up, so I wanted to talk about hair brushes. Keeping my hairbrush clean and free(ish) of hair really makes a difference in my hair’s shine (who knew?). Now, because I was waiting to do a post on how to clean a hairbrush, I did wait longer than normal to clean my brush out. I don’t usually let it get this bad! The process is pretty straightforward…



Brush before. Overfull of hair… I’m a little ashamed to post this!


  • Use a fine toothed comb to pull out hair.IMG_2918
  • Work from the handle and gradulally pull hair up and out, working around the brush.IMG_2919
  • Work in circles, only pulling hair a bit at a time to prevent breakageIMG_2920
  • After dislodging hairball (gross!), discard.IMG_2921
  • For a brush with cushion, dip ends in water and lightly scrub, avoid getting cushion too wet. For a brush without cushion, rinse and scrub with hands under soapy waterIMG_2930
  • For more buildup, use an (old) toothbrush to scrub
  • Rinse, and dry with end tipped down to ensure water doesn’t get trapped IMG_2964
  • Do this at least once per month (or when you notice the brush getting gross)


6 thoughts on “How to Clean a Hairbrush

  1. Sarah!!!! As the only one with the hair in my family, I always just threw them out, I didn’t know that I could clean them,,… that easily. YOUR so SMART!. I’m definitely going to use this tip!.

    • I’m glad I could help! I still don’t clean it enough, I can’t figure out why my brush isn’t working very well – then look at it and realize it’s full! This tip changed my life too 🙂

  2. I found once most of the hair was out… I sprayed the brush with a vinegar / Dawn dish soap solution and then let it soak in a sink full of hot water. Come back and found that sticky residue from hair products was all gone and the vinegar disinfects my brush. Water was dirty so let the water out of sink and rinsed brush with hot water. All clean!!

  3. Believe it or not, I put ALL things hair – combs and brushes – in the silverware compartment of my dishwasher and they wash just fine. I’ve been doing it for decades and never had one problem.

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