Kitchen Remodel Part 1 – The BEFORE

I have a great house. When I bought it, at first I was surprised that a family hadn’t swooped it up right away. And then I tried to cook something, and I understood!

Our kitchen has an insane layout. I have a good sized living and family room and then a teeny tiny kitchen shoved into the back dark corner of the house. Opening the dishwasher means you can’t open the fridge or oven. Plus you’ll block someone in if they are at the stove or sink. It just didn’t make sense. So, I immediatly started a remodel fund so I could one day fix the tiny inconvenient disaster that is my kitchen. Well, the day for the kitchen remodel has arrived!
We have plans, we have a binder, we’ve ordered materials, and we’re ready to go. We plan on doing most of the work ourselves (The Boyfriend used to be a contractor, so really HE will be doing a lot of the work… love you babe!). Since we both have full time jobs (and have been working long hours recently), most of this work will be on the weekend.
For reference, here’s a drawing of our floorplan (with the old layout).
Drumroll… here are the fabulous “Before” pictures!
Picture 1: The view from the entryway looking to the living room.

Before 1 Picture 2: From the living room looking to the entryway and dining room
Before 5 Picture 3: Standing at the back door from the garage. The kitchen is to the left, family room straight ahead.
Before 2 Picture 4: Standing at the sliding door, looking to the garage door and kitchen.
Before 4 Picture 5: The kitchen! See, it’s really hard to unload the dishwasher and open the oven at the same time!
Before 3

And below are our remodel plans. We’ll be removing the wall between the old kitchen and dining room and then pushing the kitchen over into the dining room space. We have a sunken living room, which is a big long step between that room and the dining room (dashed line). We’ll be putting a wall there so we have one separate space in the living room, and the rest will be open. Won’t it be so much better?

New Layout Sketch

So far we’ve decided on cabinets, appliances & countertops. We’re still playing around with ideas for the backsplash, paint, and lighting. I have a Pinterest board full of ideas. Here’s what our “mood board” looks like so far with just the basics.

Kitchen Board

As of today we are done with demo & are starting to frame the new space. More updates coming soon!

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