Let’s Enjoy Christmas This Year! – The Christmas Pledge


Christmas is coming! Ugh… I know. Every year I think that I’ll manage to get myself together and be organized enough to have time to really enjoy the season. Yeah, that never actually happens. Well, it ALMOST happened last year, and it was because of The Christmas Pledge.

Karen, over at The Art of Doing Stuff, pledges each year to be done with all her Christmas prep by the beginning of December, so she has time to bake cookies and eat chips. Last year I joined in the pledge and missed it by a few days but it still really helped. So this year, I’m serious! I plan to be done with all the prep work of Christmas by December 8th!

Here’s my pledge, as written by Karen…

“I, Sarah, being of sound mind and slightly jiggly body, agree to take the Christmas Pledge.  I pledge to get all the crap done I need to, by December 5th. (okay, I’ll be done by the 8th) And then I will lounge and eat chips.”

The Details

There are 8 things I need to get done, the first 5 I’d like done by December 8th.


  1. Gift buying
  2. Purchase & gather wrapping supplies
  3. Buy & put up tree
  4. Decorate inside
  5. Decorate outside
  6. Make cookies
  7. Attend parties
  8. General merriment

My Schedule

November 5th – December 1st:
Buy presents & wrapping supplies

December 1st – 3rd:
Decorate House, hang lights

December 4th – 8th:
Buy tree & decorate it, final shopping; all gifts should be mailed

December 9th – 25th:
Bake cookies, drink wassail, & enjoy general merriment!


Santa is watching!

This idea is all from Karen’s blog, so go check it out over at The Art of Doing Stuff.

Are you in? Let’s get stuff done and enjoy the holiday!

2 thoughts on “Let’s Enjoy Christmas This Year! – The Christmas Pledge

  1. Haha General Merriment. Should be tough to squeeze in! 🙂

    I’m totally on board with this plan! (Except for the scary Big Brother Santa part.)

  2. I’m in – I have to make a list of what i have to do and I feel the same about scary Santa. But he is a motivator!!

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