Organized Creativity with Evernote

I mentioned in my first post that I’m a nut for lists. Well, it’s actually more like I’m addicted and can’t live without them! In some ways I have a really good memory, but with other information I am absolutely horrible. Lists have been the only way to keep me sane. I’ve always carried around a little notebook or post-its and had lists on the back of receipts, envelopes, or my hand. And while I was writing everything down, those lists weren’t organized enough for me to use them effectively. Lose a list, and I was lost. Then I found the program Evernote.

Why Evernote = Amazingness

For those of you unfamiliar with Evernote, it is a cloud-based program that allows you to sync information from multiple devices. Personally I have downloaded Evernote on my iPhone, personal Mac laptop, and work PC desktop. But what makes this program even better is

that it is also web-based. You can log in to your Evernote account through their website, and your information is accessible even if you don’t have the Evernote program downloaded. Evernote organizes things into “notebooks”, and inside those notebooks are “notes”. I group all similar notes, like say recipes, into a common notebook titled, you guessed it, “recipes”. You can also stack the notebooks to group several notebooks together. Evernote also has a blog where they highlight different users and how they use the program, which is great for new tips on how to use it.

Personally, I use Evernote for every aspect of my life. I have stacked notebooks for work, craft projects, house ideas, and of course All Those Details. The real life-saver of this program is that it updates from all devices seamlessly. If I think of a blog post idea at the grocery store, I can get out my phone and add it to the note titled “ATD Post Ideas”. This will then update when I open Evernote on my laptop. If I see something I want to remember I can also take a picture and add it directly to Evernote. I’ve used this when shopping and the store doesn’t have the right size or length for me. I take a picture of the tag to make sure I have the right item number before ordering online (all black pants look the same online, don’t they?).

Evernote for Crafting and Making

I decided to post about Evernote as one of my first posts because this program has allowed me to organize my creative ideas. Plus, many of my projects will probably refer to it since my life revolves around it so much! In addition to adding pictures you can also cut and paste from websites, so I can clip directions for craft projects and other artsy things that I would like to try. In this way it is similar to Pinterest (Another fabulous way to keep track of things). However, the major difference between Evernote and Pinterest is that in Evernote you can edit the information you put in your note. As I’ve completed a project, I often add my own notes and any changes to the directions so I can improve it next time. Some of the craft projects I plan on posting are already sitting in my “Crafty Stuff” notebook.

Evernote for Home

This has also been great when it comes to ideas for my house. I am planning to eventually re-do my kitchen so I’ve been clipping pictures of kitchens that I like. Seeing a note with a bunch of clips of similar things has helped me figure out my style. Who knew I liked white cabinets? More practically, I’ve also started adding all of my appliance manuals, repair records and paint colors to my “Home” notebook, so it’s always accessible. If I’m out shopping for something, I can easily pull up the paint colors to see if that couch will match my walls, curtains, etc. Here’s a screenshot of what my “Yard” notebook looks like…

My "Yard" notebook. Don't horseshoe pits sound like fun?

Evernote for Blogging

I’m new to using Evernote for blogging, but it’s already been extremely helpful. For All Those Things, I have several notebooks. Post Ideas, Posts – Drafts, Posts – Published, Resources, WordPress Tips, Manual of Style, Administrative, Contacts… ok well maybe I have more than several! Having a spot to put all of my ideas, and then find them again, is the only way I am able to keep myself straight.

Since I started using Evernote, not only am I more organized and productive in my daily life but creatively as well. Now, I can focus on the actual creative part and less on the remembering part!

Evernote is the primary way I stay organized. How do you keep track of all your ideas? And if you use Evernote, what are your tips and tricks?


9 thoughts on “Organized Creativity with Evernote

  1. I use Evernote too! I’m going to have to check out the stacked notebooks feature though. Its been helpful for me to deal with business cards. I snap a picture and then can use the OCR feature to find whoever I’m looking for.

    • I never used it for work until recently, but wow is it helpful! Especially when I’m out of the office or in meetings. I haven’t used it for business contacts – I think I’ll have to start.

    • I just added the Evernote application after rdieang your review I think this could become a very useful application and free! I have to admit that it took a few tries to successfully record audio. I could record it but there are 2 save buttons, one for the audio save and one for the memo. The location feature could be especially helpful for individuals that are journaling as they travel. Thanks for The helpful review!

  2. Thanks guys! I’m sure I’ll be posting a lot more on Evernote in the future, since I use it for basically everything. You comments and support put a smile on my face!

  3. I am so late to this bandwagon! Kevin has been using evernote for a couple of years but recently it ‘clicked’ for him and he’s pretty gung-ho about it right now. I’ve never seen him so organized! So I finally signed up today and I’m already hooked. I remembered this post and it’s cool to see the way you use it. Has your use changed since you wrote this?

    • I use it about the same, although it’s gone into overdrive lately for work and wedding planning. I’ve starting keeping copies of online payments by printing the page to PDF and dropping it in evernote. For the wedding stuff, it’s been great because I can update something no matter where I am (like the guest list!). Like Kevin, I used it for a while before it “clicked”, but once it did it changed my life!

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