The Secret to Great Gift Giving

Ok, well it’s not really a secret. But it’s something that’s always worked for me. I’ve been told by my friends that I am a good gift giver. Little do they know I’m really just a fabulous list maker. Really fabulous, actually. This is a trait I inhereted from my mom. Not only the list making, but also the gift giving.
Gift Bag

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What will you keep forever?

Just a quick question before the holiday weekend. What piece of clothing will you never get rid of? Well, Karen over at the Art of Doing Stuff just asked that question too. Head on over to her fantastic blog (my favorite) to see some great responses, as well as mine! I know I’m all about organization and getting rid of excess stuff, but really there will always be some things I hold on to.

So, what super cool things will you keep forever?

Comfort Gift Bag For a Hospital Stay

Being in the hospital sucks. Besides the fact that you’re some combination of sick and hurt, you’re also a patient stuck in a sterile, boring place. Instead of bringing food (not sure of diet restrictions or nausea) or flowers (everyone brings flowers!) to a loved one, I prefer to bring a goody bag of things to help them through their visit. Recently, a very lovely woman had a hospital stay, and I wanted to bring her a few things to make her a bit more comfortable. Here’s a list of what I brought her… hospital gift bag

Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas

I love enchiladas. One of the great things about living in California is that we have GREAT enchiladas. When I go out, I usually order enchiladas verdes but at home I make wonderful, creamy, sour cream chicken enchiladas. My sister and I grew up eating these and still make them frequently. They’re mild, but oh so good. I’m drooling as I’m typing… mmmm!

Gooey goodness

Creamy goodness!

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Recipe Binder

Whew! It’s been a busy couple of weeks! In fact, so busy that I didn’t have time for blog posts, the gym, or dusting. And I ALWAYS make time for dusting! One thing that saved me over the past couple of weeks was my recipe binder. My recipes, which are a variety of computer printouts, magazine pages, and 3×5 cards, are all organized and easily found. No more overstuffed little recipe box for me! Here’s how to make one for yourself…
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Craft Supply Organization

I have the wonderful luxury of having a entire room dedicated to craftiness. This room is a new concept for me. Up until I moved into my house 1.5 years ago I always lived in small apartments, which definitely did not come with a craft room. The way I store and organize my craft supplies now is how I did it back then. Now I can just leave things a mess and close it behind a door! For the record, my craft room is never as tidy as it is in these pictures!
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Camping Checklist

I love to camp. However, I think most can agree that the WORST part about camping is the packing. There are so many little things to bring, and I usually end up forgetting something really important. A great example is when I went camping with my two best friends and we were planning to have english muffin pizzas for dinner. Except that I forgot cheese. So we drove (far) to a store, only to get back and realize I forgot sauce. Whoops! Because of this (and many other incidents) I have a camping list that I’ve continued to add and subtract from to try to get to the sweet spot of camping organization.

Tent Trailer!

Our new tent trailer. Yahoo!

Recently, The Boyfriend and I decided that we would further improve the packing process by getting ourselves a little pop-up tent trailer. Really, you don’t need to buy a trailer to simplify packing, well-organized list will work too. Our idea (other than not sleeping on the ground) is that if we can keep the trailer packed with the essentials, we’ll only have to do minimal packing before a trip. Continue reading

Drawing a Floor Plan

Right now, I’m starting to plan a major remodel of my kitchen. While I’m not planning to start work right away, the first step is just figuring out what I want to do and a budget for it. Especially for a project this big, but even for a smaller event like buying new furniture, drawing out a floorplan can really help visualize the space.

Close Up










I’ve also found that it helps me see the space more objectively and find new solutions that I don’t see while looking at the actual room.

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Summer Salsa

Yesterday I brought this wonderful summer salsa to Easter brunch with The Boyfriend’s family. Not only did The Boyfriend and I want to eat it all before we took it over, but it was also a big hit with the rest of the family. It’s not very spicy, but tastes incredibly light and fresh. I will definitely be making this one all summer long!

Summer Salsa

Refreshing with a little kick!

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Recovering A Lampshade

One of my projects right now is finishing my craft room. Yes, I have a craft room! It’s the first time I’ve actually had a dedicated space for crafts and such, so I am ridiculously excited. Once I’m done, I’ll have a post about it and how I organize craft supplies, but for now I just want to talk about my most recent project a lampshade rehab. Lamp before after Continue reading