Popcorn Tin Rehab

Tin Before

One thing always present during the holidays (which are almost here! Yikes!) are giant tins of popcorn. I’m not even sure who we get them from, but somehow they materialize at the house. Has anyone ever finished all the popcorn? Why would you even want a giant vat of stale popcorn? Maybe I’m just not a big enough popcorn fan to understand. But really, the tin itself is really pretty nice, with exception of the crazy christmas pattern.

Because of this, last year I decided to keep the popcorn tin until I figured out a craft project for it (yes, I’m a hoarder of containers!). I’m glad to say that, finally, I have figured it out!

Finished Tin Open I was in the process of organizing our pantry and was looking for something to store all my cookie cutters in. Then I realized, ah! the cookie tin! However, I didn’t very well want the little snowmen smiling down on me all the time. The solution? Spray paint!

This actually ended up being a pretty easy and quick project. I highly recommend rehabbing the popcorn tin that you get this year!





Spray Paint Materials

  • Spray primer
  • Spray paint
  • Blue Tape
  • A space for spray painting



Wipe down the tin, making sure it’s clean. Anything stuck to it (like a sticky piece of carmel corn) will show up after it’s painted.

Tape off the top rim. Because of how tightly the lid fits, the spray paint will rub off as you take the lid on and off over time. If you don’t care about that then paint the whole thing! However, I wanted a smooth line so I left the top rim unpainted.


Prime the tin, using light even coats. I used two coats to cover. I chose not to paint the lid because it was solid red (which I liked). If I was painting the lid I would prime it as well.

Tin Primed

After the primer is dry, paint with spray paint, also using light even coats. Again, I think I did two coats.

Painted Tin Tin with Lid









For the label, I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut it out in white vinyl. The options are pretty endless here… paint, printed labels, decoupage, stickers, etc!

Silhouette Project

This is a screenshot from the Silhouette software. I really really love this machine!

Load it up and you’re done!

Finished Tin with Cutters

The obligatory before and after…

Popcorn Tin Before After Now I’ve got a cute little tin for my cookie cutters living on the top shelf of my pantry. This year I can’t wait to get more tins of popcorn! (and throw out the popcorn so I can store stuff in the tin!!)

Tin on Shelf

Any other ideas of what to store in a popcorn tin? Share them below!

Finished Tin

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