Preparing for Camping Season

Camping season is here (or almost here)! We took our first trip this past weekend. It was cold. But in the middle of our kitchen remodel we just really needed a break. We camped so much last summer that we had getting packed totally down, it was a sleek, organized process that took minimal time. It was great. And, we’ve forgotten how we did it already.

Closed Trailer

How did we do this again?

Since it was the first trip of the season, we did some other things to prepare that we don’t necessarily do before every trip. Making a quick check of things after the trailer & camp stuff had been sitting for several months helped to start the camping season off right!

Here’s what we did…

  • Open up the trailer and look for damage, mildew, or other problems (some moisture/mildew in one corner. We cleaned it up and will watch that spot now) Trailer Close Up
  • Review Camping Checklists and make sure what is supposed to be in the trailer is still there (things have trickled out over the last few months), and start gathering things from around the house. Checklist
  • Flush out and clean water tank. Use a small amount of bleach and flush through a few times. Bleach
  • Charge battery (Ours gives us problems if we don’t do this before a trip)


  • Fill propane tanks

Yes we filled it. But did we remember to bring it? Nope! Luckily The Boyfriend’s parents came with us and brought one!

  • Check lights, both inside and outTrailer Light
  • Check any food still packed for freshness, replenish & replace as necessary

    Food Box

    I checked the jerky… just in case it turned to poison. Then I checked again to be sure. Aren’t I the best?

  • Take out any extra stuff that piled up over last season that aren’t needed (we actually did this during our trip)

    Extra Stuff

    How did we get TWO sets of Yahtzee in the trailer?

  • Look back on last years camping reviews for any tips or things we learned (yes, we review all our trips. More on that soon).

    Yellow Book

    During every trip we write a review of the campground, site, and a list of stuff to bring, replenish, etc in this little yellow notebook. It’s also where we keep games scores.

Since its a little colder than we’re used to (California wimps!) just for this trip we also packed:

  • More blankets
  • Packed more layers of clothes
  • More firewood

Fire Finally, don’t forget to make reservations for the rest of the season! We brought a calendar with us on our trip and sat by the campfire one night and planned out our summer. Have you started to get ready for camping season yet?

2 thoughts on “Preparing for Camping Season

  1. Great info. A cautionary note about transporting firewood – this is no longer allowed in our New England States due to worries about spreading forest diseases and insects.

  2. Most of what I’ve read about storage is what we figured out along time ago. We tented for approximately 20 years and this will be our 4th summer with a used tent trailer. As everyone agrees, duffle bags are best for clothes cause they squish. However, my issue continues to be the worn clothes. Our pjs/sleep clothes stay on the bed during the day. But the weather changes, late in the day so the clothes change. We end up with jogging pants, sweatshirts and jackets laying around. I try to keep things tidy but they just end up scattered. With duffels you do have to root thru to find what you need.Because the beds aren’t a full double, my husband I sleep separately, the adult girls in a tent. Even so their stuff still finds its way inside. I have seen some neat ideas and been offered some as well. I really wish there was some sort of ‘wardrobe’ designed to be used in a small popup so that everything is obvious and can be hung up with making modifications to the interior.

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