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Getting away for a long weekend is always a great break from the grind. Being a little bit nutty when it comes to packing (I usually start two weeks before a trip, no matter how long it is) I’ve developed a printable packing list template to keep my organizational/list making craziness under control. Now I only have to start packing a week in advance!


On the first page of the packing template, I have the basic long-weekend packing list. First is the “on top” and “underneath” sections. I’ll write in specifically which coat, and pajamas I’m bringing, but I leave the rest pretty general.
screen-capture On the right-hand column, we have “toiletries” and “other stuff”. These are pretty similar for every trip, so I’ve listed the items out. There are a few empty checkboxes at the bottom for trip-specifc items


In the left-hand column we have the “outfits” section. I like to list the outfit(s) for each day seperately, which helps me to streamline the amount of stuff I take. So, the “bottom” for several days may list the same pair of pants. The “actives” line item helps me be sure I’ve thought of everything. Are we hiking and going to a fancy dinner? Then I probably need multiple outfits for that day. In that case, I usually list them together on one day. For example, the “jacket” line might say, “windbreaker, black blazer”.

The second page of this list is just a list of outfits, which will take this list from just a long weekend to a two week trip.

Finally, if my list is too specific for you, I’ve included a first page that is checkbox only for the toiletry and “other stuff” sections, so you can fill them in yourself.


This packing list has helped me a lot; I don’t stress so much about forgetting something and feel like I can start getting ready closer to the actual event – which is a big deal for me. Organization always makes me feel good :). I hope it helps you get more organized too!

Here are the PDF printables…

Packing List: Packing List

Blank Packing List: Packing List Blank


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