Tent Trailer Hack: Securing Dinette Cushions

Falling Cushions Last summer we used our tent trailer a lot. It was wonderful to get out a camping so much, and since it was our first summer with the trailer it was also nice to figure out little tweaks, or hacks, we wanted to make. Immediately, I knew exactly the first thing I wanted to do. The cushions for our dinette would NOT stay in place! I was constantly having to pick them off the floor (and sometimes us up off the floor too).

Sliding Off Bench

* Action shot of me falling off the bench *

This is a pretty important space, not only do we eat, prep food, and play games here, but it also converts into a sleeping area. Folded Down Dinette
Plus there is storage under the benches.
Cabinet Under Bench Any way of securing the cushions had to allow for all these uses. The fix was still fairly simple. Just some velcro, a little wrestling with foam cushions, and done!

Velcro Box

I also like that the picture on the box is pretty close to my project.


  • Decor or Heavy Duty Velcro
  • Upholstery Thread
  • Straight Pins
  • Needle (or Sewing Machine)
  • Staple Gun & Staples




  1. Place cushions and mark with a marker or straight pin the velcro location. Because there is an cabinet under the cushion, I chose to add velcro only at the back so that the front of the cabinet could still be opened without having to pry the cushion off.
  2. Pin velcro to cushion cover Back Cushion
  3. Carefully remove the cushion from the cover. This was unbelivablely difficult! Cushion and Foam
  4. Using heavy duty thread, sew on velcro either by hand or with a machine. This velcro will have some force placed on it when you pull the velcro apart, so make sure the velcro is secure. Cover and Sewing Machine
  5. Stuff cushion back into cover (much easier than taking it out!)
  6. Take cushions back out to trailer (unless you keep your sewing machine in there!). Line up and mark velcro location onto wood bench. Lining Up Cushion
  7. Staple velcro to the bench.Stapling

Done! No more slipping and sliding, and it’s still easy to get to the cabinets beneath.

Finished DinetteCubby With Cushion

Here’s the before and after…
Before After Sitting See? Much better!

11 thoughts on “Tent Trailer Hack: Securing Dinette Cushions

  1. and you can get sticky backed Velcro so maybe the wrestling and sewing can be avoided. I’m just not sure how it will stick to the rough wood under the cushion..but then there is glue.

    • I do know it is hard to sew the sticky back Velcro on as it stick to needle and thread as most of the time the velcro
      will not stick to material unless real smooth.

  2. I had read that if you use dry cleaning bags to wrap the foam before putting them into the covers they will slide right in…and out. I did this when I recovered my camper cushions recently and it worked like a charm. The dry cleaning bags are thin and flexible so you don’t even know they’re there!

    • Yes it works we used a big sheet of plastic when putting our bed covers back on after washing to get musty smell out. It to two of us to do this especially when pulling the plastic off and out of inside if cover. But it can be done with a little muscle.

  3. I use non slip shelve liner, buy it by the roll and cut to size might need two rows depending on size of cushions, or if need a wider piece you can use the same that is used to place under rugs for non slip rugs, all works if you don’t want to secure the seat.

  4. All you really have is lay down the rubberized shelf liner on your support board under the cushion . Viola ! No more slipping cushions . This works and so easy .

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