Popcorn Tin Rehab

Tin Before

One thing always present during the holidays (which are almost here! Yikes!) are giant tins of popcorn. I’m not even sure who we get them from, but somehow they materialize at the house. Has anyone ever finished all the popcorn? Why would you even want a giant vat of stale popcorn? Maybe I’m just not a big enough popcorn fan to understand. But really, the tin itself is really pretty nice, with exception of the crazy christmas pattern.

Because of this, last year I decided to keep the popcorn tin until I figured out a craft project for it (yes, I’m a hoarder of containers!). I’m glad to say that, finally, I have figured it out!

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Gram’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cookies 2

Look at all those chocolate chips!

While I refer to these cookies as “Gram’s chocolate chip cookies” because my grandma (we call her “Gram”) used to make them for my cousins and I. I have great memories of sitting on her counter eating dough while she loaded up cookie sheets. She originally got the recipe from a trip on the Clipper Cruise Line; apparently they serve these awesome cookies on their ships.

What I love most about these cookies is that the dough to chocolate chips to nuts ratio is about 1:1:1. Which is a lot of chunk! Oh, and also that it has a little booze in it.
This recipe makes about 3 dozen cookies, so be prepared to share (or fight everyone off).  Continue reading