Map Coasters

I love gift giving, and I¬†especially¬†like making gifts for people. Last year I decided to make personalized map coasters for my uncles and grandpa. Adding maps personalized to important places to the reciever is easy and fun. Plus they all had a challange figuring out the pattern! For my grandpa, I covered coasters with maps of the places where his grandkids live. There are tons of options, plus maps can be easily printed from the internet, or free from AAA if you are a member. I originally found this idea on Martha Stewart’s craft site.
Coaster 1

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Craft Supply Organization

I have the wonderful luxury of having a entire room dedicated to craftiness. This room is a new concept for me. Up until I moved into my house 1.5 years ago I always lived in small apartments, which definitely did not come with a craft room. The way I store and organize my craft supplies now is how I did it back then. Now I can just leave things a mess and close it behind a door! For the record, my craft room is never as tidy as it is in these pictures!
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