Christmas Update – Are You Ready?


Yes, the star is supposed to be crooked. The top branch hangs a sharp left. So, we named our tree “Ol’ Crooked Top”

I think I’ve done it! I’ve managed to de-stress our Christmas preparations as much as possible. Oh wait…. while I de-stressed Christmas we also decided to start our kitchen remodel (more on that soon).

However, we would never have been able to really start our big remodel project if it weren’t for me taking the Christmas Pledge.
I pledged to be done preparing for Christmas by December 8th. Really, I did a couple things on December 9th, but who’s counting! Ok, yes I was counting and all of you were counting but what’s a day between friends? (maybe I’m not as de-stressed as I thought…) Continue reading

The Secret to Great Gift Giving

Ok, well it’s not really a secret. But it’s something that’s always worked for me. I’ve been told by my friends that I am a good gift giver. Little do they know I’m really just a fabulous list maker. Really fabulous, actually. This is a trait I inhereted from my mom. Not only the list making, but also the gift giving.
Gift Bag

So here’s how it works, Continue reading

Comfort Gift Bag For a Hospital Stay

Being in the hospital sucks. Besides the fact that you’re some combination of sick and hurt, you’re also a patient stuck in a sterile, boring place. Instead of bringing food (not sure of diet restrictions or nausea) or flowers (everyone brings flowers!) to a loved one, I prefer to bring a goody bag of things to help them through their visit. Recently, a very lovely woman had a hospital stay, and I wanted to bring her a few things to make her a bit more comfortable. Here’s a list of what I brought her… hospital gift bag

Lavender Sachets

Today I thought I’d share a craft that is so easy and useful, you will be amazed! One of the homemade Christmas gifts I made for my family this year were lavender sachets. You’ve probably seen those little pillows filled with lavender that you put in your unmentionables drawer. Lavender is great for keeping away moths from clothes and other fabrics, similar to cedar. Plus, it smells great, and is useful – two of my favorite qualities in a gift!

Aren't they pretty?

Aren't they pretty?

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