Tomato Sauce from Scratch (or not)

One of the last food projects I took on before the kitchen demolition was to make tomato sauce from scratch. My tomato plants decided to explode in November, partly because of weird fall weather we had. So, i had a TON of tomatoes and with no way we could eat them all. The best part, is that I froze the extra sauce (there was a lot!) so we have some deliciousness while we have no kitchen. The sauce part of the recipe is inspired by my Dad’s tomato sauce recipe, which was my FAVORITE as a kid (and still is). Yum!


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Yum Sauce & Rice Bowls

I grew up in Oregon. Oregon has this fabulous place called Cafe Yumm. They serve rice bowls drizzled with this wonderful sauce (cleverly called Yumm Sauce). You can buy it in their stores or even order it online. Being that I don’t live near a store, I’ve been trying to replicate the sauce for some time. Now I’m not sure if this recipe tastes the same (it’s been a while since I’ve had the real thing) but it still tastes fantastic. IMG_2341 Continue reading