Bobby Pin Storage – From a Box O’Powder

Welcome back! Ok, I should really be saying that to myself – it’s been a busy few months and several other things had to take a priority over the blog. But, today I’m back!

I really enjoy the challenge of trying to figure out how to reuse things, especially when it’s a nice container (I’m a sucker for a nice container!). Benefit cosmetics’ box o’powder fits right into this; it’s cute, good quality, and there just has to be another way to use it! Well, I think I’ve discovered a pretty neat reuse, that also solves a problem I have.

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Washi Tape Craft: Garden Markers


Fun, but not durable.

I have previously posted on DIY garden markers, and I just went back and updated my experience with the paint sticks. They looked really cool and were a cheap, crafty option, but they didn’t last. Who knew paint sticks didn’t hold up to wet conditions? Well, of course that makes complete sense, but I was so excited about how fun and colorful they were I didn’t think it through.





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