The Secret to Great Gift Giving

Ok, well it’s not really a secret. But it’s something that’s always worked for me. I’ve been told by my friends that I am a good gift giver. Little do they know I’m really just a fabulous list maker. Really fabulous, actually. This is a trait I inhereted from my mom. Not only the list making, but also the gift giving.
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So here’s how it works, when you are with someone and you go to use a bread knife and they don’t have one… write it down. Then when you need to give that person a gift refer to your list which will say “needs bread knife” and buy them a bread knife. They’ll wonder, “how did they know I needed a bread knife?” I also add to the list hobbies or other interests that the person has, so if I don’t have a specific need listed I still have an idea of something that they will enjoy. If I see somethign online or when I’m out shopping that makes me think of someone I write it down. Basically, you think about someone, you write it down. Works every time.
This method is even easier with smart phones. I like to use Evernote for this. I’ve talked about Evernote before, and I’ll say again how fabulous of a program it is. In Evernote, I have a “gift-ideas” folder. One note is just a list of people with random gift ideas listed. I have seperate notes for The Boyfriend (don’t you go looking for it now!), close family, and crafty gifts ideas (since I make a lot of Christmas gifts).
For example, I keep a list of my close friend’s hobbies, with things that they might enjoy or need for that hobby. One of my closest friends is a runner. So, under her name i have listed “running (fancy running socks, goo, gift cert to sports authority)” When it’s time to get a gift for her, I have a list of thoughtful things to buy. Easy peasy!

4 thoughts on “The Secret to Great Gift Giving

  1. That sounds pretty easy but I’m still not able to pull it off. (I was pretty sure the secret was ‘witchcraft’.)

    I love this tip you gave me once: When Calvin was born you asked some friends who have kids what I might need. And that was so smart – we STILL use the dishwasher baskets and stroller hook daily. Who without kids would have thought of those?

  2. I use Evernote for gift ideas too. I really just need to pay more attention when I’m around my friends though because the list has been pretty flimsy recently.

  3. Hi Sarah, I can’t live without my lists-lol. I have a list for just about everything too.

    Popping over from ByW2 for a visit and a look around. I enjoyed browsing your ogranizational ideas and solutions.

    I’ll see you in class,


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