Things I Like – Eagle Creek Packing Folders and Cubes

So today, I’m starting a new column called “Things I like” to highlight some products that have had an impact in my life, either by making things easier, providing excellent organization, or well… just being pretty. First up is the Pack-It System by Eagle Creek. These packing folders and cubes are awesome. I have several, and if you travel at all they are totally worth it. Let me explain…

The cubes
These fabric, zippered cubes are designed to hold clothes that are rolled. I have 2 medium size and 1 small. Typically I use the small size for undergarments (which I don’t roll, I just stuff in), and the medium sizes for pants, sweaters, scarves, and pajamas. For short trips, I’ll use one cube and roll up everything, including shirts.
The folders Packing folders allow shirts to remain wrinkle free (plus it makes room for more!)
The folders are designed to hold shirts. It comes with a flexible plastic board that you fold your shirts around, then pull out after placing the shirt in the folder.
The best part is when you have to pull shirts back out of the folder. Slide the board in the stack just above the shirt you want, lift the pile, pull out the shirt, re-stack the pile, and slide the board back out. That way all your nice folding isn’t destroyed every time you want to pull something out. I have the medium (18″) folder and it holds about 8-12 shirts. I wont’ use this for a weekend trip unless I’m going somewhere nice where I want to keep things wrinkle free, but for longer trips it’s a lifesaver!
  • When you have to pull something out of your suitcase, it doesn’t unfold everything else
  • If you are staying in different places and don’t want to pull your whole suitcase in, you can use the cubes to pack in stages and just use one cube at a time.
  • Keeps things wrinkle free.
  • Easy to pack more things in your suitcase – yay for more options!
 There are several places to find the pack-it system. I picked up mine at the Container Store. What products do you recommend for making traveling easier?
Oh, and I almost forgot to say that…I was not financially compensated for this post. I purchased the products myself, on sale (because that’s how I roll). The opinions in this review are completely my own based on my experience.

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