Washi Tape Craft: Garden Markers


Fun, but not durable.

I have previously posted on DIY garden markers, and I just went back and updated my experience with the paint sticks. They looked really cool and were a cheap, crafty option, but they didn’t last. Who knew paint sticks didn’t hold up to wet conditions? Well, of course that makes complete sense, but I was so excited about how fun and colorful they were I didn’t think it through.





So, I have been looking for something more durable, yet still inexpensive. I found some metal garden markers at a local nursery, and was able to purchase additional ones on Amazon (I can’t remember the brand name!). While I really love that they are durable, I tend to grow different things every year and wasn’t thrilled about having to replace them each season.

As I tried to brainstorm how to solve my dilemma, a lightbulb went off… Washi Tape! Isn’t that the solution to everything? And who doesn’t love a good washi tape craft?! The materials are pretty straightforward: metal garden markers, washi tape, scissors, and a Sharpie.

Washi garden marker materials

First, I simply added a piece of washi tape to the alumnimum garden marker…

Washi Tape for Garden Markers

… and wrote the plant name with a sharpie.
Washi Garden Marker

Cute, colorful, and reusable = perfect.

Doesn’t it class up the garden a bit? These markers look so much nicer than the little plastic tags that come with the plants.

Bell Pepper Old Label

Bell Pepper Washi Label









I misspelled “cucumber” (yeah, I know), so had to peel the tape off one marker and start again. The tape came off easily and didn’t seem to damage the metal. Now, we’ll have see how the tape holds up to the weather, but I’m optimistic!

How do you label your garden?

tomato plant washi labelStrawberry Washi Label

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