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IMG_3161 Do you have weeks where life is just too busy and chaotic to keep everything straight? A lot of my weeks have been like that lately! With the kitchen remodel, and a new assignment at work my normal routine has disappeared. While things will be calming down eventually, in the meantime we’ve had to bring a little extra organization to our house in order to keep things moving along.

I created a weekly planner printable so The Boyfriend and I could keep track of both our schedules, our to do lists and our dinner plans right on one page. I took bits and pieces from all my favorite planners and calendars to make something that is flexible and works for us. This Weekly Planner Printable has really helped straighten things out! I I kept the labels general so they could be adapted as necessary.


Let’s go through it…

Weekly Schedule: One box for each day, plus an extra for either next week’s highlights or important reminders. I always mark where I’m working (since it varies day-to-day) so if i’m not home at the normal time, The Boyfriend won’t send out a search party.


To Do List: The two boxes can be used for different categories. I have used them as his/hers, work/personal, and errand/around the house. I like that week to week I can change it depending on what is going on.


Menu: We don’t always stick to it, but this section helps us to plan out a least a few meals ahead of time. This has become even more important since we cooking is a little more complicated these days!

Empty Space: Usually, I use this space for my a list of blog stuff I need to do. Sometimes a quote goes in there, sometimes important phone numbers. Again, since my weeks all look different these days I like that I can change it with my needs.



Here’s what this week looked like. Please ignore all the work acronyms – I’ve developed my own language to summarize meetings, locations, and projects! I hope this helps keep you more organized too. To download a copy of this printable just click here: Weekly Planner Printable


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    • That would be awesome! However, I still really like the pleasure of writing with pretty pens & crossing stuff off my list. I don’t know if I can ever go fully digital!

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