A Camping Dog Run

A couple weeks ago we took the pup on her first camping trip (yes, it’s California so we can camp year-round). She was a little nervous on her first day, but once she figured out what was going on she relaxed and had a great time. In addition to having her with us, she comes with a bunch of stuff to add to our Camping Checklist! One of the best things we did for her was to set up a dog run at the campsite. It’s a simple and easy trick to making camping fun for for all of us.

See that face? That’s the, “Everyone I meet says I’m cute so why don’t you let me run into their campsites, tents and trailers to say hello?” face.
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Dog Paperwork Organization

2014 started off with a very exciting event, The Boyfriend and I adopted a puppy on New Years Day! Her name is Hailey’s Comet (we just call her Hailey, and yes we know it’s spelled wrong!) and she was brought into our local animal shelter as a stray. We don’t know exactly what she is a mix of, but German Shepard, Beagle, Terrier, Doberman, and Rotweiller have all been suggested. She’s already almost six months old, and weighs 27 pounds. As with any new puppy, it’s been both exciting and exhausting!

Haileys Comet

Of course, with a new dog comes a bunch of stuff. A crate, beds, toys, treats, and paperwork. I wanted to organize the dog’s paperwork in a way that kept it together but also portable, in case we need to take anything to the vet, doggy day care, etc. Continue reading

Calendar Wall Art DIY

Galley Wall 4 I really enjoy making my own wall art. Not only is it typically cheaper than buying art, but it’s also cheaper and more unique. With our big remodel complete I’ve been on the hunt for cool things for our walls. Hopefully this project is just the beginning! Recently, I was at Barnes & Nobel and found a really cool calendar featuring WPA Poster Art of the National Parks. Standing in the store I instantly knew I wanted to put these beautiful posters on my wall. Combine those posters with some framed paper maps and I’ve got a perfect gallery wall in our family room!

May Calendar

Isn’t the art beautiful?

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Popcorn Tin Rehab

Tin Before

One thing always present during the holidays (which are almost here! Yikes!) are giant tins of popcorn. I’m not even sure who we get them from, but somehow they materialize at the house. Has anyone ever finished all the popcorn? Why would you even want a giant vat of stale popcorn? Maybe I’m just not a big enough popcorn fan to understand. But really, the tin itself is really pretty nice, with exception of the crazy christmas pattern.

Because of this, last year I decided to keep the popcorn tin until I figured out a craft project for it (yes, I’m a hoarder of containers!). I’m glad to say that, finally, I have figured it out!

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Kitchen Reveal! The Before & After

The kitchen is practically, almost done! I’m not sure that it will ever be “done” but at this point it’s close enough to call the project complete. This has been a giant project for us. We did everything ourselves, except outside brick work, wall texture, and countertop installation. So, now it’s reveal time! I can’t wait to share it!

Before 3

Yes, if you opened the dishwasher, fridge, or oven while someone was at the cooktop they would be trapped!

First lets take a look at the kitchen before and what we were working with. I’m pretty sure this layout is the definition of the “one person kitchen”









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Repainting Brass Fireplace Doors

Before Room

This was a picture I took when I first toured the house, before buying it. See how much it overwhelms the room?

Our kitchen/living/dining/entryway remodel is practically complete! As we’ve been wrapping up little finishing projects one large, ugly problem has surfaced. Our fireplace is right in the middle of our remodeled space and we haven’t touched it, so there it sits all its dated brick and brass glory. Ugh.

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The Camping Notebook

As we started keeping track of our camping trips through Camping Reviews, I realized that there was a lot of other paper stuff we were carrying around to each camping trip. Paperwork and camping don’t really get along that well (unless it’s a fire starter). To solve this problem, I put together a little binder to keep everything protected and together. Isn’t it cute?

Camping Notebook 2

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Campground Reviews – How to keep track of where we’ve been

screen-capture-3 I think I have a very common problem when it comes to camping (at least I hope it’s common!). Since it is a seasonal activity, when summer rolls around I can never remember where we went the previous year. Plus, remembering what site we stayed at and the ins-and-outs of the campground? Umm… Not a chance!

To solve this problem, we started reviewing our campsites during each trip. It started out as notes in a small notepad, and now has turned into a campground review printable. After each trip, I try to scan the sheet into Evernote (although it doesn’t always happen). Then, when we plan our camping trips in the years to come, all we have to do is search our reviews in Evernote for the campground we want to go to!
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