Garden Markers


Garden markers are the only thing that would help me remember what I put where!

So now that I’ve got some nice garden beds going and some plants in the ground I need a better way to label them. Temporarily, I just put the plant markers and seed packets in the soil so I don’t loose their spots while I make something better. But those seed packets are waterproof and started to fall apart at the garden’s first watering. I looked online and realized there are lots of fancy garden markers out there. But since my garden is along my garage (and I’m generally not that fancy) I didn’t see any reason to buy something that cost more than the plants. So, I realized I needed to make something.

What is durable, customizable and cheap? I was looking around my garage and came up with paint stir-sticks. A little paint, and viola, garden markers!

  • Paint sticks – 1 for each type of veggie/fruit in garden
  • Sand paper
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Permanent Marker
30 minutes, plus drying time

Super Easy
  1. Inspect sticks for splinters or other defects. Lightly sand down any problem spots


    If you buy paint at a hardware store, these sticks are usually free. If not, they’re only about 10 cents each

  2. Paint sticks. You may need more than one coat.


    I didn’t worry about covering the label too much, I just put that end into the ground.

  3. Let sticks dry


    You can see my “Radish” trial. I liked the blue better

  4. With permanent marker, write names of plants. I practiced on paper first to see what kind of writing I liked best


    You could also use paint and stencils if you were going for a more professional look.

  5. If ground is hard, push a trowel straight down into the soil to give the stick some space. Push in stick and press soil around it.

    I tried to jam one of the sticks in the ground, and broke it! So making a little hole first is a good idea.


    Easy peasy!

There are lots of options for garden markers. What have you done?

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