How Does My Garden Grow?

IMG_2283 I’ve posted a couple things about my garden, (making garden beds and garden markers) so I thought it was about time for an update on how the garden is going. Well, short story is that my garden is schizophrenic. Some things are going great, others can’t decide, others have yet to do anything, and some have gone rogue!

Right after I planted everything, we had a bit of crazy weather where every couple days it would go from very hot to foggy and cool. Everything rooted and grew a bit, and then just… stopped. Finally, we’ve got some growth again. I’m pretty sure it’s because we added fertilizer last week.
Herbs – Loving it. They’ve grown tons and taste fantastic. IMG_2267
Cilantro – It was probably the wrong time of year to plant cilantro (it does not like heat). Both the heat and shock of getting transplanted resulting in it “bolting” almost immediately. Bolting means it produced flowers and lost its taste. Luckily, cilantro is also coriander, so i’m waiting for the seeds so I can either use them or replant. IMG_2286
Strawberries – Some small (very sweet) berries. We’ve been getting a couple a week and the plants themselves are finally getting bigger. Slow but steady. IMG_2284
Radishes – Great! they took a while, but we’re getting some nice, smallish radishes. They’ll be done soon though. IMG_2285
Jalapeño – Ummm…pretty much looks just like when i planted it. They haven’t died, but they haven’t grown either. I’m starting to think someone is playing a practical joke IMG_2282
Peas & Beans – Finally starting to climb. These were VERY slow, but still plugging along. Finally we got some pods in the last couple of days. There was a mass die-off in the middle rows; the others are doing nicely.
Tomatoes – The center plant is clearly not the runt. Green tomatoes are growing IMG_2294 IMG_2293
Pumpkin – The pumpkin just exploded in the last 2 weeks. We’ve got flowers, so we’re hoping they fertilize and we get an actual pumpkin or two. (My garden assistant is over by the peas) IMG_2274 IMG_2272
Corn – The corn is behind schedule for the season, but still looking great. IMG_2276
Lettuce – Almost no growth of one variety (sad face). The other is JUST starting to show now. Seeds don’t usually take months to sprout, but I guess better late than never. Lettuce also doesn’t like the heat, so i’m guessing that’s why. IMG_2295
IMG_2297 Now that we’re getting produce, it’s finally getting interesting. Any advice for my less stellar performers? Sookie, our cat & expert garden assistant also wants to know, “How’s your garden doing?”

3 thoughts on “How Does My Garden Grow?

  1. Yes, now that she’s fully adjusted to the house we let her out. We put in cat doors, but it took her two weeks to figure out that they worked both ways! She would go out, but then just meow at the door to be let back in. Silly girl. She LOVES hanging out with us in the garden.

  2. Well, you know I love kitties, so I adore your garden assistant!! Everything looks great, Sarah! From what I’ve read, it is usual for you to have some grow and others not. Good luck with the harvesting!

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