The Kitchen Remodel – Part 2 Demolition

I hear from a lot of people that demo is fun. And The Boyfriend was the only one I knew that hated demo, and I mean HATES it. I thought it was just because he did construction for a living and was just tired of it. I mean, who doesn’t love breaking things? However, after our own demo I have come to agree with The Boyfriend. I think people that love demo either, 1. really just love the IDEA of demo (and maybe have never done it), or 2. have done smash demo and haven’t had to clean it up. Our kitchen demolition took four full days of work and resulted in sore muscles, a few minor injuries, and frustration. But at least it’s done!

Demo 2

Now we have a clean space and it’s ready for new walls. From Part 1, you remember what it looked like before, and now below are some pictures of the demo and what it looked like once we were done tearing everything out.
In the dining room, The Boyfriend had put in the new window the previous weekend. The kitchen sink will be under the window, and the previous one was too large to accommodate cabinets under it.

Demo 1

We found lovely vinyl tile under the carpet (the 60s is calling!), luckily it came up pretty easy.

Demo 3

See all those carpet staples? I spent about an entire day removing those from this room, the dining room & hallway. I HATE staples now.
Demo 4

 Goodbye tile! It actually scraped up pretty easy and in mostly whole pieces.

Demo 5

The entryway tile wasn’t so easy, and we still need to break out the rest of the concrete. Both the vinyl tile and entryway tile were both my job. I am an expert with a crowbar now!

The Boyfriend tore out the the cabinets while I hauled garbage and removed tile. I’m so glad to see them go!
Demo 6

The only real surprises were some old cornstarch, a small mouse nest under the sink cabinet, and the discovery that dishwasher was hardwired into an outlet. The first was interesting, the second was gross, and the third was both head scratching & definitely not to code!
The wall between the kitchen and dining room is coming down! The space is starting to look bigger.

Demo 8 The mess has spilled to the outside. But wait, the garage is worse….
Demo 10 Cabinets were scheduled to arrive any minute and our garage was FULL of garbage. After comparing costs, we estimated that renting a u-haul and taking all the waste to the dump in one trip would be cheaper than either a dumpster or many trips in the pick-up. We loaded quick to beat the cabinet delivery truck!
Demo 11

The pick-up was already loaded with garbage, so we hand to transfer it into the uhaul. How many times have we moved this garbage now? I think next time we’ll plan a little better.
Demo 13

Demo is done! And the space is finally starting to take shape. Well, the old appliances are still sitting in the family room, but the rest is cleared out. Demo 14

Ha! You can see from the backdoor (just to the immediate left of where I’m standing) all the way to the end of the hall! Wow.
Demo 15

We’ll be building a wall between the new kitchen (space on the left) and the living room (behind the plastic wall).
Demo 16

I’m already forgetting what it used to look like. The space is so big without all those walls and cabinets.
Demo 17

So everything is torn out, and we have a nice clean space! Well, until the next step… Rough construction! (And oh boy is that making a mess!)


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