Remodel Organization in a Binder

Binders are my favorite way to organize. As The Boyfriend and I really started working on our kitchen remodel project I quickly realized we would need a way to keep all our paperwork and brochures straight. A binder, some dividers, and done!

Kitchen Binder 2

This has been extremely helpful. Both of us can find paperwork, and it’s easy to carry along when we go shopping.

Business cards – Keeping all contacts together makes it easy to follow-up on orders
Plans –  We keep all our floorplans in this section. First we had multiple versions as we were drawing out different layouts (link). Now, we have multiple copies of the same layout so we can indicate a lighting plan, storage plan, utilities, etc. I use this project layout sheet (Click here for a free Printable: Project Layout) for quick sketches of the kitchen, shelving, and other ideas.

Project Layout

Budget – the most important section! I have an excel spreadsheet that I keep updated, so this section holds a recent(ish) printout of that budget. When we’re out shopping, we can easily look to this section to see what we budgeted for certain items. It definitely helps to keep us on track. I am keeping track of receipts by placing them in a sleeve in the back of the binder.
Notes – I use this section to make quick notes and calculations, and also to write questions that need to be answered. If we need to keep the information, I’ll then move that page to the appropriate section. Here’s a printable of my notes pages: Note Pages
Materials – This section houses all of the choices we made, appliances, countertops, and all the other “materials” we’ve purchased. Until we’ve made our decision I’ve been putting our thoughts in the “Inspiration” section to limit confusion.
Inspiration – This section was very large at the beginning, and has started to get small as we’ve made our final choices. This is where pictures from magazines, brochures and other ideas would be placed. I also made a “wish list” before we even really started planning so I could think about what we really wanted in our kitchen. This list has been particularly helpful to reference when we had to make tough budget decisions. Kitchen Wish List
The key to undertaking a big project like this is organization. And now that we’re organized we can begin! I’m so excited!
Do you have any tips for keeping track of ideas and paperwork during a home remodel? Other tips on how to survive?

Kitchen Binder

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  2. What an inspiration! I’ve been “planning” my new kitchen for 2 years now and I have no idea where half my inspirations are. I’m about to get serious so I think I will search for the other paperwork, get a binder and follow your lead. Thanks so much! I certainly never would have come up with this on my own!

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